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Rowland Publishing is the “gold standard” of publishing and design firms in Northwest Florida with a 25 year history of producing high-end, editorially based publications that have a profitable advertising component Rowland’s editorial, production, sales, distribution and administrative teams offer the following experience and qualifications – from concept to delivery:

Publication Concept and Development

With the customer’s goals in mind, Rowland’s creative team can conceptualize and develop a high-impact publication with an emphasis on brand consistency.

Creative & Design Services

Rowland’s creative and design team has a long-term, proven record of successful publication development. Talented graphic designers ensure cohesive and creative styles to engage the reader. Two members of our publication design team are also gifted illustrators.

Writing & Editorial Services

Three full-time editors and one full-time writer, as well as a long list of accomplished freelance writers, are the backbone of the award-winning products we produce. Writing styles include, but are not limited to, promotional, travel, research-based, informational and journalistic. Editing services include fact checking and review of content for a cohesive approach to subject matter, to ensure it is reader-friendly and easily understandable.


Trained by an internationally acclaimed professional, our staff photographer’s expertise is in lighting and capturing the essence and personality of a subject. In addition, with more than 3,000 local stock images, Rowland is able to provide a wide variety of attractive destination images for use.

Publication Management

From generating printing quotes and directives, to interacting with the customer, to production schedules, to managing the daily operations and benchmark goals of each publication, Rowland offers a customer service team and publishing operations director to ensure the best results, smooth communication and quality control checks.


Rowland employs the latest in publication design technology, including an 24TB file storage system (with mirrored backup of all files to an offsite server daily) and 25+ Apple Macintosh computers (21”  & 27” iMacs, Mac Pros, Mac Minis) networked through a Mac Pro Server running Maverick Server OS, Adobe Creative Cloud 2017–18, Extensis’ Universal Type Server font management software, BizHub c364e multifunction color laser printer, Nikon professional camera equipment and a Matchprint Virtual color-calibrated proofing station.

Distribution Plans

Rowland Publishing develops a custom distribution plan for our proprietary titles and each customer production.

Advertising Sales Strategies

With over 25 years of proven success, our sales team knows how to position and sell a product and matches advertisers to the “vertical” audience each title reaches. Rowland employs a full-­‐time, local sales manager and sales team.


Our internal and external publishing systems are designed to manage and produce multiple publications simultaneously. We have a proven track record of  successfully meeting complex and layered deadlines while delivering publications with high-quality control standards. In addition to Rowland Publishing’s full-time staff, highly trained freelance writers and photographers are employed to ensure our customers receive the highest standard of service.

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